History of the School

Pulford school is the oldest in Leighton Buzzard. It is named after Joshua Pulford, Vicar of the town who died in 1710 leaving provision in his will for education. Certain other properties were left in Trust and their revenue provided schooling for the poor people in the Parish.

Pulford School is fortunate in many ways. It is centrally situated within the town, but at the same time is sufficiently ‘tucked away’, surrounded by green fields and trees on all sides creating a countryside atmosphere, added to which, there is a wonderful view of All Saints Church, with which the school is very closely connected, giving a magnificent back-drop for all to appreciate.


The first school named after Joshua Pulford stood in Church Square on the site of the present General Post Office. The current school was opened in 1883. The school then was for boys only.

In 1961 a new wing of three classrooms was added and alterations were made to the old building. After many years, girls were admitted for the first time and later a further development took place; the school became a Lower school.

In January 1992, the school opened a new Reception Class to take children of ages 4+. In order to accommodate this new unit, extra rooms had to be provided for the school and an extra classroom was built for class 4, as well as a resources room which serves many purposes, both for children and staff. The building was completed at the end of October 1991.

Our ‘Pre-School’ was opened in September 2011. The Old Headmasters Lodge was converted into a fantastic new facility for our pre-school children. We have kept the distinctive and historical features of the old building yet created a modern, versatile learning environment. In September 2014 we opened our Key Stage 2 building which is another fantastic addition to our school. As with the Pre-school, the new building is a modern, light and spacious setting; this, along with the traditional style of the main site, makes a great fusion of past and present as we look ahead to the future.