Pulford Trust

The Pulford Trust was set up when Rev. Joshua Pulford, Vicar of the town, died in 1710 leaving provision in his will for education of the children of Leighton Buzzard. The first school building, which is now the town’s Post Office, was built in 1790 by the Hon. Mary Leigh. This building was subsequently donated to All Saints’ Church in 1855 to be known as Pulford’s Leighton Buzzard School under the management of the Pulford Trust for the promotion and teaching of the Doctrines of the Church of England. In 1882 the Church of England donated the land for a new school house at the present location, and the old school building was sold. The current school opened in 1884, under the direct management of the Pulford Trust.

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By the Education Act of 1902 the management and administration of the school was removed from the Trustees to the St Albans Diocesan Education Committee, but the school house remained the responsibility of the Pulford Trust. Over the years the school has been expanded, and in 1976 the original School House was converted into the two flats which, in September 2011 was converted again into our Pre-school facility which now exists. The Pre-school building and the remains of the original land donated by Joshua Pulford in Billington continue to be managed by the Pulford Trust, and the income from these is administered by the Trust. The income is applied for the benefit of the school in discussion with the Head Teacher and the Board of Governors. Decisions as to how the money is to be spent are taken by the Trustees at their meetings which take place three or four times every year.

Over the years the Pulford Trust has regularly donated money to the school, particularly for the update of the school buildings. This includes not just major building projects such as the IT Suite and the new reception area, but also the more mundane maintenance tasks such as painting and decorating. The Governors are deeply indebted to the support of the Pulford Trust – whose time is given voluntarily – and the continuing legacy of Joshua Pulford’s generosity since 1710.